20 sty 2009

BB5 No TP Unlocker 1.03 + crack

For all those in need for unlock software. Latest version of Cinek’s tool from JAF support area with cracks. Works the same as BB5 King, BB5 Prince, BB5 Queen, and many, maaany other clones.

You have to download and install JAF (see above post) to make it work.




Lajos pisze...

Unfortunately the program doesn't starting up (I tested it with win xp ,and win 7 beta too)

nayco pisze...

no worck for mi.

Phoenix Slayer pisze...

You need to install JAF before to make it work.

nayco pisze...

now everything is OK, I needed FTD2XXDILL, thank you!

Rodrigo pisze...

Unfortunately the program need the JAF for unlocking.