9 gru 2008

Phoenix Service Software 2008.44.5.36625

New release of Phoenix Service Software 2008.44.005.36625. Works over usb cable.


Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/171793077/Phoenix_2008_44_5.exe


gurinder pisze...

this version works like charm for me... before this i get lots of difficulties to uninstall previous verion.. but this is very good. 6500s flashed successfully .. thnx sir

Anonimowy pisze...

This version does not detect n96. I installed previous version and it detects n96 without a problem.

lik11 pisze...

work very nice. but how i can flash DCT4+ models!?

cloudkhan pisze...

Sorry, I have installed Phoenix Service Software 2008.34.10.36039. It was error. So I tried your UNINSTALL PATCH (fls4.exe) and I still cannot uninstall Phoenix sucessful!

Now I try to install your Phoenix Service Software 2008.44.5.36625. It is OK. But where is it? I cannot find it in startup menu or c:\program files\nokia\phoenix. Why?

Phoenix Slayer pisze...

sirtautastomas - I have no idea why this version didn't work for you, it is possible that this is Nokia mistake,

lik11 - you have to look for commercial solutions like JAF, UFS + HWK etc. USB can't help you.

cloudkhan - the fact that it doesn't show any error doesn't mean it installs. Try newest version - it should work like a charm ;)

john pisze...

HI! i will to ask you, if it is possible to set volume speaker on higher level in my N.3110c with Phoenix service sowtware.Because official max. ringtone volume in N.3110c in not so loudly...If it is possible please write to me here how to make it ( tanga2@azet.sk )
THX sooo much!!! M@tthew

Nermo pisze...

Okay this program is not uninstalling.... it says "fatal error" and it won't go away. I do not want it on my cimputer, how the hell do I get rid of it??